Joseph, can you tell us, please, did you ever doubt that these Love Notes were truly coming from Mary Magdalene?



Oh yes!  In fact, as my relationship developed with Mary Magdalene I asked if I could call her “Maggie.”  I really don’t know why, because Maggie is not a nickname for Magdalene.   Then later as I began to doubt I insisted that she give me a “burning bush,” if you will…something so concrete and irrefutable that I would never doubt again.  It’s quite a long story that I write about in several of the books, but to make a long story short, she brought a complete stranger into my life via the Love Notes named Angelina, which is the only name I knew her as in the beginning of our acquaintance.   As we became better friends she divulged to me that her birth name is Maria Magdalena.  Not only that, she told me that when she was a teenage her close friends called her Maggie!

That’s incredible!  Wow!  So please tell us, what do you think is the significance of these Love Notes being published?

Well, Maggie made it very clear to me.  The subtitle of Vol. 3 is “If you know who walks beside you, who hovers all about you, all fear and doubt can vanish.  You can begin living your Dream Life and you can begin living Happily Ever After.”  I understand that many people haven’t seen angels and may never see them.  Maggie explicitly told me that anyone who is drawn to reading the Love Notes and these books is in essence allowing Maggie into their life.  This means that Maggie is speaking directly to them as they read.

Wow.  That’s so sweet.  Is it true, Joseph, that you began writing prose and poetry when you were 11 years old?

One of my childhood mentors, Henry David Thoreau

One of my childhood mentors, Henry David Thoreau

Yes, I was reading and writing prose and poetry when I was in the 5th grade, Henry David Thoreau being one of my historical mentors.  It may have been earlier.   What I do remember is when I was molested in the Seattle Public Library at age 11 everything shut down.

What do you mean everything shut down?  Because of the molestation?

Here I am in high school impersonating Robert Kennedy to raise money for a local organization

Here I am in high school impersonating Robert Kennedy to raise money for a local organization

Yes.  After the first molestation, all creativity shut down.  I wrote one speech in high school but other than that I didn’t write again until I had the visitation with Mother Mary in the early 90’s.

You were molested more than once?

Yes, several times that I remember.  I never told anyone except one time I went to my mother and she began yelling at me and calling me a liar.

And all this affected your creativity?

Yes.  In fact,  it affected all aspects of my life, but except for the one speech in high school I didn’t do any writing until after I had my first blessing from Mother Mary.  After that I began talking openly of my molestations and began writing again.

You said you wrote a speech in high school?

Yes.  I entered an Independence Day essay contest.  And I won! I even got my one and only trophy up until then…

Congratulations!  Did winning that contest encourage you to write more?

In a way.  Not dramatically.  I do remember in college I had enrolled in a journalism class.  I distinctly remember standing in front of the student union with some friends and seeing my journalism professor running across campus.  He came over to me and told me he had been running all around looking for me because he wanted to tell me to drop out of journalism—that I could not write and I should think of a different profession.

Wow.  How did that make you feel?

Well, you know.  I just wondered why he would do such a thing, but the Vietnam war was raging and I was close to getting called up in the draft so I enlisted to avoid ground combat and really just forgot about it.  I never wrote again, though,  until I was in my 40’s, after being blessed by Mother Mary.

You speak of being blessed by Mother Mary, but aren’t your books messages from Mary Magdalene?

Mr. John Lawrence and Joseph. John is in his 90's in this pic. Beautiful soul.

Mr. John Lawrence and Joseph. John is in his 90’s in this photo. Beautiful soul.

Yes.  I originally was encased within a bubble of White Light for a week, an experience precipitated by a meeting with a lay minister, Mr. John Lawrence.  This in turn prepared me for my upcoming initial blessing from Mother Mary.

Now, to answer your question.  A few years later I had gone to the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, CA for a workshop, hoping to meet Mother Mary again.  I did, but she brought along Mary Magdalene and it was Mary Magdalene, whom, as I mentioned earlier, I now affectionately call “Maggie,” who healed me of my molestations at a much deeper level.   When I asked her for permission to call her Maggie, she agreed providing she could call me Joseph.

And that’s when you began chronicling Love Notes For Your Soul?

No.  It was several years later in the winter of 2012.   After my healings with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene (whom I affectionately call M&M) I was able to speak openly and freely of my molestations and began writing again.  It wasn’t until the winter of 2012, however, that I began recording many of the Love Notes that are now published.

Incidentally, M&M have always come to me in a spiritual context and never within the context of any religion.