Love Notes For Your Soul Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 2 The Power of Lust

Love Notes For Your Soul Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 2 The Power of Lust
Series: Loving Yourself Wealthy, Book 2
Genres: Abuse, Angels, doreen virtue, Miracles, Money, paulo coelho, Self-Help, Success, wayne dyer
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: 147 pages
The continuing, contemporary, secular, secret wisdom of success principles by the biblical Mary Magdalene ("Maggie") as conveyed to Joseph through her Love Notes For Your Soul.
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About the Book

PatBauerThe Power of Lust, this Vol 2 book is such an inspiration for all to read. It gives you an inside look at what your life could look like if will you will Love yourself first and allow your Source Energy to flow through.  It teaches you not to get caught up in emotions like grief and always choose Faith and Love.  Be still and just think of all the possibilities you have by using Joseph’s insight of what could be by channeling your Source Love for yourself.  Buy this book, and it will change your life.”—Pat Bauer, Operational and Human Resource Manager for TJ Maxx, USA

faith falls on your hand“This beautiful book talks about Loving yourself fully and completely with a pure loving lust, which is not perverted, but which shows an amazing passion in which you love Source or God ( which is also Yourself)!!!! This type of lust can transform your life!  This book to me is different and unique in it’s wording and expression! I love it!! Thank you Source and Joseph!!!! God bless!!!!!”—Keysha Lynette Turner, USA

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