Love Notes For Your Soul Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 3 The Power of Angels

Love Notes For Your Soul Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 3 The Power of Angels
Series: Loving Yourself Wealthy, Book 3
Genres: Abuse, Angels, doreen virtue, Miracles, Money, paulo coelho, Self-Help, Success, wayne dyer
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: 151 pages
If you know who walks beside you, who hovers all about you, all fear and doubt can vanish. You can begin living your Dream Life and you can begin living Happily Ever After.
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About the Book

WPSallyJoyBook“I have just completed reading this book and it left me feeling very uplifted by its message of unconditional love. It’s a reminder to keep remembering to live life from the heart and less so from the egoic mind. Living from the heart means living your life so that you feel love, compassion and kindness to yourself and to others. Taking the time to do activities that enhances this way of living is important for a happy life. Most of all, the experiences Joseph had and continues to have with the Angels reminds me that I am not alone on my life’s journey. The are Angels with me all the time and are always ready to help me, I just need to reach out to them. Thank you Joseph for writing such an inspiring book about unconditional love which you refer to as “Source”.  Much love to you and I look forward to your future publications.”—Sally Joy, USA

IMG_3804“I am a great believer that everyone has a purpose on this planet. However, fear can often conceal one’s vision of their life’s purpose through external influences, upbringing, teachings and so much more.  Loving Yourself Wealthy Volume 3 is a wonderful guide to help us all connect with our inner self, our purpose and our passion. By living our bliss, we can begin to develop the power to manifest all that we desire — a concept that has alluded many of us. Once again, thank you to Joseph and Maggie for your enlightening messages that will assist humanity to connect with their inner power. Love and light to all.”— Milena Morrow, Australia.  Activist, professional editor and speaker, author of Sipping Champagne Through A Straw-Beyond Good Enough.

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