Love Notes For Your Soul Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 4 The Power of Romance
Series: Loving Yourself Wealthy, Book 4
Genres: Abuse, Angels, doreen virtue, Miracles, Money, paulo coelho, Self-Help, Success, wayne dyer
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: 101 pages
Loving yourself wealthy with Love Notes For Your Soul.
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About the Book

fda47327-d344-46bd-bd90-527269073c5b“I read the other three books in the series and this one resonates the most with me as it is love and there is no specific talk of angels. I am Spiritual and not religious so I preferred this direction and experiencing source love as opposed to love tied to any one group of entities. Short book full of beautiful words. Thank you Maggie and Joseph for this shift as it connected me more with source than the other books.”—Alexandria, USA

GayvendaKesslerLoving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 4 The Power of Romance is a dynamic and uplifting read! Joseph did a superb job of writing Maggie’s messages of love in many simple, but powerful poems. I will never be the same after learning to daily ask myself, ‘Are you going to make a choice to serve love or fear today?’ . It has changed my life in the way I look at romance. The myth of falling in love suddenly begins to be a reality for me. ¬†Joseph is a wordmaster in his poetry invoking my higher self to trust in the powers that be, realizing that I am a co-creator with God. The universe is suddenly a welcome place to be! Joseph’s comments on Maggie’s truths in a provocative way. I highly recommend this book, especially if love has passed you by or if you would like to be in touch with the fact that love begins with you!”—Gayvenda Kessler, USA of Gayvenda’s Gems and Hues ¬†

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