Love Notes For Your Soul Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 5 The Power of Miracles
Series: Loving Yourself Wealthy, Book 5
Genres: Abuse, Angels, doreen virtue, Miracles, Money, paulo coelho, Self-Help, Success, wayne dyer
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: 146 pages
Loving yourself wealthy in a seemingly chaotic and crazy world.
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About the Book

angeladewerdtjpg“Thanks dear Joseph to help me get in touch with Maggie! Maggie feels like an amazing strong power from the universe/source that I can only humbly surrender to. The notes you write in this book coming directly from Maggie help me keep in touch with my soul’s path.  For me personally it was and is quit an inner journey to even get in touch with my personal soulpath and dismantling my EGO more and more. I became aware that the EGO represent survival mechanisms we needed to survive as a child—like fear, anger, hate etc…but these are illusions and no longer necessary in our adult life.”
—Angela de Werdt, psychologist, The Netherlands

RobsonSplane“Joseph’s book is written the way I would prefer to think and communicate myself.  He writes in positive phases rather than negative ones.  He concentrates on what you CAN do… the way you SHOULD think, and the positive results that can be realized. The Power of Miracles seems to reflect Joseph’s own experiences. The more I learn about his amazing journey, the more convinced I become to listen intently to what he has to share.”—Robson L. Splane Jr., Inventor, USA

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