Love Notes For Your Soul Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 6 The Power of Money
Series: Loving Yourself Wealthy, Book 6
Genres: Abuse, Angels, doreen virtue, Miracles, Money, paulo coelho, Self-Help, Success, wayne dyer
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: 133 pages
ASIN: B01DO75D70
More Love Notes For Your Soul touching on the Principles of Success so you may live Happily Ever After.
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About the Book

DeanMoorhead“The contents of this volume should be of interest to all since it deals with a matter central to all who live: namely money. Love of money is given a new and spiritual interpretation. When understood in this interpretation (so read the book!) money then loses its dark side as being evil to those who believe that the love of money is the root of all evil. Money becomes a tool for the possessor to use and its attainment not to be a goal in itself.”—Dean Moorhead, High School Teacher, USA

AdrienneMiller“This is a treat to read.  It changed my view of money, something I have wanted to do…. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!! Easy and fun to read like Joseph’s other books.   I love that! I would read more if people would write like him.   I don’t feel my time is ever wasted! I go away with amazing gifts to live in more love!”—Adrienne Miller, USA

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