The Spiritual Poetry of Mary Magdalene – Inspiration

The Spiritual Poetry of Mary Magdalene – Inspiration

Love Notes For Your Soul/Love Notes From Maggie

On Tuesday, July 11, 2018 4:36am Mary Magdalene (Maggie) conveyed the following poem to me:

In Love With Inspiration

My Love, be the inspiration

to a new generation

of loving souls who share

my Love and truly care.


In this Love Note Maggie is encouraging us to not die with our music still in us, but to be brave and be

our authentic selves, shining our Light and helping the Soul of the World.

What do you feel?  How does this Love Note speak to you?  Maggie has told me that whoever reads her

Love Notes it’s the same as if she were speaking directly to that person.

Would you like one of my books with a personal inscription from Maggie?  There’s no extra cost to this.  Simply email me and let me know which book you would prefer and I will let you know the cost of the book and shipping & handling.

In Spirit,




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