SUCCESS!!! Angels, Angels, Everywhere!  Implementing the Law of Least Effort to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Let’s face it, with the plethora of information on how to become successful out there, you would think everyone would be successful.  We have all experienced weekend seminars that fire us up, only to realize that it hardly ever lasts to bring lasting change.  So what’s the secret? Well, there is no secret—it’s the same old story of procrastination.  With this innovative Keynote Presentation, you will discover how simple it is to end procrastination and begin living the life of your dreams, in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.  You will learn simple, profound skills that will help you sharpen your awareness of the angelic guides all around you, enabling you to listen and trust your intuition and begin taking consistent action steps in the direction of your Dream Life by doing what you can, from where you are, with what you have.

Investment Schedule in US Funds:

Keynote Performance: $10,000 Continental US/$15,000 International

Half-day Workshops: $15,000 Continental US/$20,000 International

Full-day Workshops: $25,000 Continental US/$30,000 International

*All keynote programs are available up to 70 minutes based upon your needs.

*15% discount available for engagements in PST Zone.

*For international bookings, travel expenses include a full-fare business class plane ticket, accommodations, transfers and meals.

Please submit the following form and let us know the best time to call and your time zone.