Multiple Amazon International Bestselling  Author and Founder & Grandmaster, Life Success Martial Arts/Kenshin-kan Karate



Great Interview.  Please listen here.






Unmasked.  Part I of a great interview out of Alabama.

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“Invest In Your Shine” Interview.  Awesome.  Please click here to listen.








A great interview.  The host even played a song that I use to keep me in my heart and out of my EGO (Edging God Out).  Please click here to listen.




Great interview.  Great host and producer.  Out of Las Vegas, NV.

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“An incredible interview.  Thank you so very much for this enlightening interview. I will share this show with my friends. It is so worthwhile!”—Maria Giorgio…Please click here to listen



“Wow! Just finished listening to Joseph Holmes’ interview talking about his love notes from Maggie .  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.”—Rosemarie Castellazzo, Lecce, Italy—Please click here to listen



A wonderful interview with host Kellie Fitzgerald and her Road to Enlightenment podcast.  Her audience is made up of survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and depression and a whopping 92% have reported seeing angels.  Please click here to listen



This is by far my longest interview, 1  1/2 hours with questions from the audience.  Jason Bland is a great host.  The interview begins at the 27 minute mark, which is cued up for you via this link: Please click here to listen




“Hey Joseph!  Thank you so much for being our guest tonight.  It was wonderful to hear your amazing stories and we appreciate you sharing your wisdom with our listeners!”—Rita Strough, Co-Host, TalkNAngel Radio Show  Please click here to listen




Listen how Joseph explains why Men are NOT from Mars and women are NOT from Venus, as he helps Bernadette Boas’s listeners “shed the bitch” of always choosing fear over Love.—Bernadette Boas, host of ShedtheBitchRadio: Please click here to listen


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Hear Joseph be proclaimed “The Angel Whisperer” in this fascinating interview. Please click here to listen




Listen to Joseph, with The Billionaire Lifestyle host Emmitt Muckles, talk about how fear and doubt keep you from living your Dream Life and how to befriend these two nemeses to help you hear what your angels are telling you and then take inspired action to fulfill your dreams.  Please click here to listen.



“It was a great pleasure to share the airwaves with Martial Arts Expert Joseph and author of the Loving Yourself Wealthy books on my radio show. Joseph is a compassionate, considerate and inspiring guest. His compelling story truly inspires souls to reach out and connect with unseen energy.”—Kimla Dodds of Austin, TX USA of “Kimla & Company.” Please click here to listen.



“Joseph was so amazing to have on Spirit Therapy Radio!!! He brought a very unique and beautiful perspective to healing ourselves through his incredible wisdom and also through his beautiful connection with Mary Magdalene! We were so honored to have him join us and he is welcome back anytime!”—Tahsha Renee, Portland, OR USA, Host, Spirit Therapy Radio. Please click here to listen



“Wow, Joseph was amazing in this interview! He shared himself so deeply and honestly. He inspired me, uplifted me, helping me go within to find the kind of courage he has, and to learn from him, his books, his character and his love. Thank you. I am grateful.”—Jade Le, Los Angeles, CA USA, EFT & Reiki Energy Healer, LOA Coach & Mentor, Speaker & Trainer at jadeinspiration.com Email: jade@jadeinspiration.com


“Listening to Joseph’s interview, it highly resonated with me because I recently realized I come from Source and it’s now integrating with my body.  Everything that Joseph talked about resonated so beautifully with me that I can’t stop crying.”—Angela from Holland




Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 3 The Power of Angels came about through his Love Notes with Maggie.”—Pat Galio Bauer, Operations Manager, TJ Maxx, PA,  USA



“I enjoyed this interview with Joseph Holmes immensely.  His life’s testimonial is very intriguing! I really enjoyed the questions as well.  The host dug deep with his questions.  I’m looking forward to Joseph returning to the show in the near future!!  This interview reminded me that life has a way of working out for one’s highest good, especially when one is seeking enlightenment…it was also naturally entertaining!”—Lynette from North Carolina USA