IMG_3804“I am a great believer that everyone has a purpose on this planet. However, fear can often conceal one’s vision of their life’s purpose through external influences, upbringing, teachings and so many more. Loving Yourself Wealthy Volume 3 is a wonderful guide to help us all connect with our inner self, our purpose and our passion. By living our bliss, we can begin to develop the power to manifest all that we desire — a concept that has alluded many of us. Once again, thank you to Joseph and Maggie for your enlightening messages that will assist humanity to connect with their inner power. Love and light to all.” Milena Morrow, Speaker, Activist, Professional Editor, author of Sipping Champagne Through A Straw-Beyond Good Enough, Australia


“Joseph’s books are beautifully written for women, to learn to Love themselves, listen to their Heart, and allow Maggie to come into their Heart and allow Love over fear.  These books give you a real sense of Love and Light and the source of energy flowing through you. I highly recommend all of Joseph’s books to help bring inner peace and more love into your life. Just Beautiful.”— Pat Bauer, USA, Operational and Human Resource Manager for TJ Maxx


“Finding the meaning and the heart of your life experience can be bewildering. Yet, instinctively you know that everything begins and is created from within. This is why you were attracted and guided to Joseph’s books. Within his writing you will find the answers and perspectives you’ve been searching for to lead you to your greatest self, finest vibration and loving inner peace. I highly recommend all of Joseph’s books to all higher minded and spiritual growth seekers. Namaste.  I am grateful, Joseph.”—Jade Le, Intuitive Success Coach, USA



“It is a heartwarming, nice, thoughtful and very honest book about loving yourself wealthy.  Hugs from Norway.” 🌹Elin Konstanse



“In our lives we often pass through things and do not know why, but they’re worth pursuing because somehow they are connected to our dreams .  Many times in our lives, we meet someone by chance, and don’t always know why.   I’ve been so lucky to have met Joseph and his work and to feel his enthusiasm for his devotion to his books and life work.”—Carolina Amanda Garcia, Fitness Expert, Spain

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“Joseph, you’re such a good writer. All the love notes are deeply felt, beautifully organized…it shows the beauty of loving and gives me an insight into a deeper understanding of what love is all about. I know your books will fascinate everyone interested in discovering more about LOVE. I highly recommend them.”— Ligaya Adolfo Ang, School Principal,  Philippines


“I have just completed reading Vol. 3 WPSallyJoyBookThe Power of Angels and it left me feeling very uplifted by its message of unconditional love. It’s a reminder to keep remembering to live life from the heart and less so from the egoic mind. Living from the heart means living your life so that you feel love, compassion and kindness to yourself and to others. Taking the time to do activities that enhances this way of living is important for a happy life. Most of all, the experiences Joseph had and continues to have with the Angels reminds me that I am not alone on my life’s journey. There are Angels with me all the time and are always ready to help me, I just need to reach out to them. Thank you Joseph for writing such an inspiring book about unconditional love which you refer to as “Source”.  Much love to you and I look forward to your future publications.”—Sally Joy, USA


“These books will make you feel loved, worthy and wonderful! Very positive and well written, they give us a new path to discover how wonderful our lives can be. I love the writer, and I also love his work!”—Juliana Fernandes, USA

RobsonSplane“The evening I had the pleasure of reading Joseph’s book, Loving Yourself Wealthy, Vol. 1 The Power of Allowing, had been preceded by days of frustration.  I enjoyed the calming benefits of this book as I absorbed the meanings underlying Joseph’s story and Maggie’s poetic Love Notes For Your Soul, helping me realize that logic cannot explain all of the secrets of our world.  Joseph’s personal journey appears to defy the odds of chance and causes the mind to ask “what if?”  The wisdom shared by Joseph is applicable to all who strive to live-in-the-moment. A must read.”
—Robson L. Splane Jr. IDSA, CEO, Splane Design Associates, Inc.
Founder- DreamProjX, Inc.


KathyIMG_3848“Joseph, your books are amazing!!  I love them!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!!”—Kathy Rivera Wallace of Katica Living Vibrantly, USA





Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 4 The Power of Romance is a dynamic and uplifting read! Joseph did a superb job of writing Maggie’s messages of love in many simple, but powerful poems. I will never be the same after learning to daily ask myself, ‘Are you going to make a choice to serve love or fear today?’  It has changed my life in the way I look at romance. The myth of falling in love suddenly begins to be a reality for me. Joseph is a wordmaster in his poetry, invoking my higher self to trust in the powers that be, realizing that I am a co-creator with God. The universe is suddenly a welcome place to be! Joseph comments on Maggie’s truths in a provocative way. I highly recommend this book, especially if love has passed you by or if you would like to be in touch with the fact that love begins with you!”—Gayvenda Kessler, USA of Gayvenda’s Gems and Hues


“In Vol. 4 Joseph continues to stress that love is central to being. Since one dreams of doing in life what one loves to do then holding on tight to your dream and do it. Open up to your intuition (guide) and replace fear with love…to fully understand the word guide used in this review please read Vol.3.—Dean Moorhead, High School Teacher, USA